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Be it individual lighting for residential areas, business set-ups, outdoor space or even underwater lighting, Changi provides lighting solutions for every space. Understanding the different tastes of our clientele, we provide a myriad of options to choose from.

All our products are a perfect amalgamation of style and ace technology. Hence, one can find products are per their requirement and space.


Changi has been offering lighting solutions with the latest designs since its inception in 1999. Catering to customer needs has always been our priority. Ergo, we believe in maintaining long-term and stable relationships with our dealers, architects and customers where everyone benefits mutually.

At Changi, we are our sole competitors. We constantly strive to provide the best to our clients and using the latest technology in our products. We ensure that we stick to our core values of customer-oriented approach, quality maintenance, reliability, and innovation.

Changi provides lighting solutions for every space across India. We offer a wide variety of options to architects and designers thus aiding them to enhance any given space. We provide dealerships and interact with direct customers as well. Thus, Changi caters to a large customer base, be it industrial or local. From LED Lamps to Street Lights, we have it all. Our products are made with the best materials making them long lasting and durable.

Our products are made from optimal raw materials, making them highly safe and durable. With our state of the art technical support, we are confident that every Changi product user will enjoy top quality lighting solutions that are durable. We aim to strike the right balance between quality and market competitiveness.

Our vision being ‘Light Has No Boundaries’, we aim to light up your lives with our products across geographies.

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