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The Changi Team

Since its inception in 1999, Changi has been committed to be a pioneer in lighting solutions and innovations. Our team strives to provide ultra-modern lighting options which are made from cutting edge technology. Changi believes in making the future bright in every way. We provide a variety of products which are favoured by ace architects and designers.

From gigantic malls to homes, landscapes or fa├žades we have products that cater to every space.

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Why Changi?

Premium Quality Mechanism

We believe in using the best in our products. Understanding your vision of a perfect space, our products are designed with such style that they accentuate the area instead of being just a dangling electric product. We offer products that can be concealed within corner of the space and yet provide ample brightness.

High Light Throw Efficiency

At Changi, we provide optimal quality of raw material for light throw efficiency. As we believe that perfection lies in detailed work, we ensure that even the tiniest aspect of any product is made of the best materials.

Maximum Burning Hours

All our products come with a guarantee of 30,000 plus burning hours. This means that any Changi product will provide bright light for at least 6-7 years. We believe in long-term relationships and our beliefs translate into our products.

Customer Relationships

We focus on supplying the best to our customers and maintain strong relations with our dealers as well. We emphasize on gaining the trust of customers and building a long-term relationship consisting of valuable service and efficient products.

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